The Collective Empowerment Group
The Collective Empowerment Group
Jak (she/her)

Welcome To The Collective Empowerment Group

With Authentically ADHD

Purpose & Values

We believe that so much of the negative impacts we experience with ADHD stem from isolation and feeling alone and misunderstood. Without a collective community of people who seek to understand and support us, we are left with our shame and trauma from living in a world not designed for our brains. 

The Collective Empowerment Group seeks
to remedy this through a virtual space for connection, coaching, community building and resource sharing from members, experts, professionals and within the group
We hope to empower you to go after the life that YOU want by dropping ‘shoulds’ and exploring your own values, beliefs, strengths and dreams. 

Our commitment is to practice our values as we hold this space. We are imperfect. We also definitely live in a world and system that is far more imperfect. Despite this and, if anything, because of this, our commitment remains to continue and prioritize neuro diverse thought and in particular ADHD 

Our values translate to the commitment to build a space that is as accessible in all ways, to those most impacted and marginalized in our society. Our desire to create a space grounded in values of justice and equity, accessibility and diversity this is what leads our practice and desire to create to continue towards this community space. 

Who is the Collective Empowerment Group for?

You are either diagnosed, self diagnosed, or exploring the possibility of having adhd

You are a women (cis and trans) or non-binary and are comfortable in a space centering the experiences of women

You are 18+

You are looking for a supportive community of other ADHDers (that is off facebook and in our own private app)

You are looking for ADHD friendly resources 

You are looking for support on more typical adhd executive function skills [ex: time management], but are also *really* excited about exploring different part of our identities and other modalities such as breathwork, art therapy, movement, etc. with an adhd lens 

You are open to exploring “both/ands” [for example holding that ADHD is *both* pathologized due to bigger systemic issues in society *and* something we can take responsibility over to design a life around our strengths, get support on challenges]

Community Agreements

Approach conversations and work with humility, humanity and openness 

Create space for a variety of lived experiences 

Keep everything inside the group confidential (take the lessons, leave the details

Try to assume best intent and always attend to impact

Create space for yes/and , both/and and nuance

Communicate our own boundaries and respect the boundaries of others

Be mindful of the space we take up - for some this will mean intentionally trying to take MORE space and for others this will be creating space for some of the more introverted members

Try to provide care warnings if bringing up a potentially triggering topic

Communicate with the Authentically ADHD team (Jak and/or Angelica) as soon as possible if something needs to be attended to (ex: a conflict, having trouble accessing materials, not feeling safe, etc)

These are agreements that we hope are upheld both as facilitators and for community members. We invite you to read over these agreements before joining to make sure these align with your personal values. While we don’t believe we get to determine what is a safe space for people (and let's be honest, we can’t guarantee that), we hope these assist in creating a space that allows for open communication and growth together.  We will revise these agreements as we grow.



Authentically ADHD is stoked to announce that we are moving to a sliding scale pricing model. With the relaunch of the Collective Empowerment Group, we are offering the sliding scale price points from $20-$80 USD per month. 

The priced value of all services in the CEG is over $800 and $150 is the average cost of comparable memberships.

We understand that $20 may not be accessible to everyone. If it is not for you, please contact us to start a discussion at [email protected] to see what we can make work.

For us, the Sliding Scale payment model is our way of offering a more equitable payment plan that allows for the most people to have access.

Do  keep in mind that if you are able to pay higher on the scale, it supports folx in the community who cannot in both allowing for the sliding scale and going directly towards scholarships. We ask that you pause to take into consideration your privilege and access to resources. This also allows us (Authentically ADHD) as a small business to meet our financial needs while also providing accessible services. Likewise, know that if you need to pay lower on the scale, this is also welcomed and encouraged.

Below is an example of how to navigate a sliding scale. We ask you to take this into consideration along with other privileges and access to resources. For example,

  • If your bottle is full, consider paying on the upper end of the sliding scale 

  • If your bottle is half full, consider paying on the middle end of the sliding scale. 

  • If your bottle is almost empty, consider paying on the lower end of the sliding scale.

For more information on the sliding scale check out this rad resource that we took inspiration from:

We trust you to choose what works for you and the community. . We want to reiterate that this is a self-select process, with no questions asked.

Plans are only available for purchase via Web. It is not available on the app yet.

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